Free Virtual Learning Resources

For those of you that do not already have internet access at home: 

  • Charter will offer free Spectrum broadband and Wi-Fi access for 60 days to households with K-12 and/or college students who do not already have a Spectrum broadband subscription and at any service level up to 100 Mbps. To enroll call 1-844-488-8395. Installation fees will be waived for new student households. 

  • For long-term internet needs, AT&T offers a low-cost wireline home internet service to qualifying households. Apply online at!/ 


1st Grade


2nd Grade 


3rd Grade   

                 4th Grade - KHAN ACADEMY 

  • Our school math curriculum is listed under “Courses.”  We use Eureka Math/Engage N.Y. Students may complete work listed under "Assignments" as assigned by teacher.  45-60 minutes per day. Teachers will be able to monitor and track student work completed online. - READING PLUS

  • We use this curriculum to help students develop the skills the need to be proficient readers and lifelong learners - 30 minutes per day 

  • Students will only be able to access Reading Plus from their Student Portal.  Those attempting to log in via the website will receive a message that directs them to the Student Portal.  -MOBYMAX (Mrs. Rogers)

  • Vocabulary  15 minutes per day

  • Fact Fluency 15 minutes per day - MOBYMAX (Mrs. Dearman)

  • Vocabulary  15 minutes per day

  • Fact Fluency 15 minutes per day - TYPING CLUB

  • Practice typing skills for 15-30 minutes per day - LEXIA

  • Reading and Language Skills

  • 15-30 minutes per day

5th Grade


Clever Link:

Students can reach Lexia Core Five and Reading Plus from here, assignments update weekly. 


Khan Academy:

Students can work on 5th-grade math (Eureka Math) and work through the 4th Module and continue on to 5th and 6th Modules. 

ELA and Math Practice (at students level)


Students can work on any subject. We practice fact fluency, math, and vocabulary during class. 


6th grade                         

REACH Classroom (K-3rd)   


myLexia – Welcome

Starfall: Learn to Read with Phonics, Learn Mathematics

TypeRacer - Test your typing speed and learn to type faster. Free typing game and competition. Way more fun than a typing tutor!


National Geographic Kids

Room Recess: Free Educational Games For Enhancing Children's Skills

Kids Learning Tube


7th & 8th Math   (will email all parents with codes they can use to get in - only works for parents with emails)

7th & 8th Science

All of these activities can be found in Google Classroom

1. DNA:      - CK-12 DNA- article and questions 

               - Edpuzzle video: DNA- video and questions  

2. Mitosis:  - CK-12 Mitosis- article and questions 

               - Edpuzzle: Mitosis- video and questions    

3. Genetics: - CK-12 Human Genome- article and questions 

                 - CK-12 Chromosomal Disorders- articles and questions 

4. Science Fair:  -Experiment, Model, or Demonstration worksheets 

7th & 8th English

Students can find work in Google Classroom as well as activities at the following sites:

World History

World History Duckster:


Military History Duckster: 


Civil War:


World War I:

Other Resources:

✅The San Diego Zoo has a website just for kids with amazing videos, activities, and games.

✅Tour Yellowstone National Park!

✅Explore the surface of Mars on the Curiosity Rover.

✅Play with fave show characters and learn too

✅Math and Reading games

✅Phonics skills

✅ Read, play games, and hang out with Dr. Seuss

✅FREE printable worksheets

✅Geography and animals

✅Math practice from counting to algebra and geometry

✅Fave kids books read by famous people

✅Crafts, activities, mazes, dot to dot, etc,

✅Math and reading games

✅Math and language games

✅Hands on Elem science videos

✅Voice based learning... learn through Alexa

✅Fun games, recipes, crafts, activities

✅Math as a fun part of your daily family routine

✅Games to get "into the book"

✅Online history classes for all ages preteen through adults


✅ Elem Math through 6th grade

✅Educational games K-12

✅Digital archive of history


✅Music is for everyone

✅Science, Math, Social Studies

✅Grammar practice for middle grades

✅Daily free science or cooking experiment to do at home.


✅Reading passages for grades 3-12, with reading comprehension and discussion questions

✅35,000 pages of online content on the cultures and countries of the world.

✅K-5th Science lessons

✅Free printable K-8 Reading and Math activity packs (available in English and Spanish)

✅Digital learning content for preschool through high school

✅Day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking, and growing.

✅3 Free Weeks of Maker Stations to keep your children creating at home! Each challenge includes simple instructions using materials around the house, QR code video resources, and a student recording sheet.

✅K-8 online math program that looks at how a student is solving problems to adjust accordingly and build a unique learning path for them.

✅Engaging reading game for grades 2-8 that combines strategy, engagement, and imaginative reading passages to create a fun, curriculum-aligned literacy game.

✅Interactive video earth science based curriculum supplement.

✅A safe research site for elementary-level readers.

USERNAME: read (case sensitive)

PASSWORD: read (case sensitive)

✅Educational brain breaks to help students review essential literacy and math skills, while getting in some exercise. Find over 900 videos to help your child keep learning at home and burn off some extra energy. Our site is best used for ages 4-8.

✅Movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts.

✅7,000 free videos in 13 subject areas

✅Math Videos with lessons, real life uses of math, famous actors

✅Entertaining & educational videos for all levels and subjects

✅Online education program for toddler through high school.

✅Free printables library with activities for children 0-6

✅Free at-home kids yoga lesson plans

✅Magic Spell is a carefully crafted spelling adventure.

✅Enter your math problem or search term, press the button, and they show you the step-by-step work and answer instantly.  2nd grade through college.

✅Elem Math games, logic puzzles and educational resources

✅Online curriculum that builds better writers.

✅80+ do at home science activities

✅Daily lessons and educational activities that kids can do on their own

✅Quick & easy at home projects curated for kids 2 and up

✅Teaches students how to write a paragraph through interactive online tutorial

✅PreK-12 digital media service with more than 30,000 learning materials

✅Science and math labs and simulations

✅Free videos from around the world from grade 3-12 ttps://

✅For students to practice and master whatever they are learning.

✅ReadWorks is an online resource of reading passages and lesson plans for students of all levels K-12.

✅Critical Thinking resources for K-6 students

✅Sight reading and sight singing practice exercises.

✅Spellingcity is free right now with code VSCFree90

✅A collection of hundreds of free K-12 STEM resources, from standalone models and simulations to short activities and week long sequences of curriculum materials.

✅Science projects that can be completed with or without Internet access

✅Keyboarding practice   or

vocabulary challenges and comprehension questions.

✅Math practice

✅K-5 curriculum that builds deep understanding and a love of learning math for all students

✅A quick start resource to help families pull together a plan for surviving the next 1-2 months at home with their kids, but it can also be a time of slowing down and enjoying kids as they learn.

Preschool through 8th grade

✅Spelling 1-4 grade

✅Miscellaneous games for all subjects k-8

✅Phonics and learning to read

✅PreK - 5 games for all subjects

✅Every course you could possibly want to homeschool preschool - 8

✅Phonics worksheets for kids

✅Free stories online ages 3-12

✅National Geographic Young Explorers is a magazine designed specifically for kindergarten and first grade students.  Children can listen to the magazine being read to them as they follow along with the highlighted text.

✅Learn all about earthquakes

✅Learn all about the periodic table

✅Farmer's almanac for kids...  Date, weather, moon phase, etc.

✅Website allows students to play basic games to reinforce math skills and compete against the computer or others

✅Space science for kiddos

✅Math Games, Logic Puzzles and Brain Builders

✅Games, quizzes and fact sheets take kids on a journey through time.

✅NGAkids interactives offer an entertaining and informative introduction to art and art history.

✅News and more for kids

✅Randomly generates 356,300,262,144 story starters

✅Math games galore

✅Tons of science experiments that you can do at home

✅An interactive way to learn history

✅Just explore, have fun, and learn some science along the way.

✅Interactive games based on the book series

✅Work on the 8 parts of speech

✅Learn all about cells

✅All sorts of learning here if you dig in

✅Short videos about numbers that help kids explore complex math topics and make math more fun.

✅Resource section includes free flashcards, coloring pages, worksheets, and other resources for children, teachers, and parents.

✅No need to travel to one of the Smithsonian’s zoos or museums — this website brings your child everything from live video of the National Zoo to the Smithsonian Learning Lab right to their screen

✅Cool Kid Facts gives your child access to educational videos, pictures, quizzes, downloadable worksheets, and infographics. They can use these to learn about geography, history, science, animals, and even the human body.

✅Fractions practice

✅Education for kids all topics

✅Math and logic problems for ages 5 and up to adult

✅Tons and tons and tons of games some learning some just fun

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